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Bullying Report Process

Administrators throughout the district follow each step below when they receive a bullying report. 

Step One: Incident Report

  • The incident should be reported by speaking to a campus administrator, using the bullying report form (see below), or through the district's Tip Line.
  • Teachers can write a referral in Skyward of the incident with the bullying offense

Step Two: Investigate

  • A campus will use incident reports and interview all involved parties to make a determination
  • Use bullying checklist (see PDF below) to help make a determination

Step Three: Document findings

  • Enter the record in Skyward
  • File a hard copy of the bullying checklist as it relates to the bullied student
  • Clearly document all findings in the records  

Step Four : Determination/Actions

  • If it is determined that it was not a bullying incident, resolve as a normal discipline issue
  • If it is determined that it was a bullying incident process

Step Five: Notify All Parents

Step Six: Resolution

  • Issue consequences
  • Establish a no-contact contract
  • Refer all bullied students to the counselor (counselor will document intervention through Skyward) 

Have you experienced bullying?

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